(Deer Hunts also available)

$16,000 1+1
Arr: Kodiak, April 13, 2018
Start hunt April 15, 2018
End hunt, April 26, 2018
Depart April 27, 2018
$16,000 1+1
Arr. Kodiak May 1, 2018
Start hunt May 3, 2018
End hunt, May 15, 2018
Depart May 17, 2018
$16,000 1+1
Arr: Kodiak, Oct. 23, 2018
Start hunt Oct. 25, 2018
End hunt, Nov. 5, 2018
Depart Nov. 7, 2018


FISHING $450 per person per day; min. 2 , max. 4. Price all inclusive. Trolling and stream fishing for silvers. Normally plan to boat out monday and boat back friday, but we can accomodate making your own schedule. We can fish most any time we don't have hunts scheduled.


KODIAK SALMON and DEER HUNTS — 5 hunting days; $2250 per person. All inclusive except for license and tags. No flying, no daily long runs to the fish or the deer, stay in the boat. Three or four guests only.

DEER HUNTS — Start in September. These hunts are not guided. We provide room and food. The cost is $450 per day per person. 2 or 3 hunters. The hunts are in Larson Bay or on Afognak Island.
Flights to Larson Bay are $150-$160 sear fare from Kodiak one-way. There are three companies providing flights. We pick you up there and take you hunting.



I have been in Alaska over 38 years hunting and fishing every chance I get. My biggest thrill is getting customers close to the bears or hooked to the fish.
- Joe Polanco
"The Bear Hunter"